The most natural skin rejuvenation treatment

Indications for treatment would be:

Scars: Reduces the appearance of scars caused by acne, chicken pox, mild trauma and post acne blemishes

Photoageing: Improves appearance of early signs of photoageing including pigmentation and uneven skin texture. Reduces large open pores. Improves appearance of fine lines including under the eye.

Stretch Marks: Improves the appearance of old and new stretch marks on abdomen and thigh areas

Benefits of Treatment:

  • Visible and long lasting results usually after 6 weeks
  • Natural collagen production for a year (on average)
  • Minimally invasive
  • Minimal pain (topic anaesthetic is used.
  • Minimal or no side effects
  • Can be performed in conjunction with other treatments
  • Short healing time (48 hours)
  • Suitable for all skin types (Fitzpatrick 1-6)
  • Suitable for areas of the body other than the face


One Treatment


Course of 3 (recommended)


What Can I Expect?

If microneedling is the treatment decided upon during your personalised treatment plan, unlike some chemical peels, it may be carried out the same day as no pre treatment is required.

Prior to the treatment local anaesthetic cream is applied. The needling pen is then passed across the skin in a circular motion. A face treatment will take about 15 minutes, other body areas may take longer.

Following the treatment skin cream is applied and cream is supplied for immediate aftercare. The skin may be slightly sore for the rest of the day but will be much improved the following day and a mineral based make up may be applied.


I was very impressed with the service provided by Julie, she was knowledgeable and careful and my skin looks great and wrinkles have improved.

Michael from Banstead